Our Nurses Provide

  • Vaccination- Administering and educating patients about immunization programs and blood pressure checks to fight off a large range of diseases and develop adaptive immunity.

  • Urinary Catheterization- Fully fledged assistance in invasive procedure of catheter insertion, monitoring and removal for patients having limited mobility to minimize trauma and infection risk.

  • Oxygen Therapy- Providing professional administration, care with utmost precision for all chronic conditions and educating patients and their families on its medication.

  • Post Operative Care- Look after all your needs during recuperation from a surgery to reduce post surgery complications and support your rehabilitation process as part of our in-home nursing services.

  • Infusions- With acute precision and skills, our nurses monitor patients, maintain and manage infusion devices and provide adequate medication and fluids within the comfort of home.

  • Wound Care- Knowledge of recognizing, assessing and giving detailed attention to heal all the infected wounds in the shortest possible time as per the medical protocols.