Male / Female Cook Available:

We cater Male/Female Cooks, Vegetarian/ Non-Vegetarian, Brahmin Cooks, specialized in both South and North Indian varieties. And also we are providing International standard of Chef's - Arabic, Continental, Italian Food. We also providing Indian Traditional foods with Organic produce. It is most helpful for the patient's Health and Mind.

The cook’s responsibilities will include everything relating to all meal preparations, including shopping, meal/menu planning, preparation and clean-up, etc., Services will be performed for all regular meals, special events, holidays, parties, entertaining, etc, again based on needs of the family. If the worker does not cook on weekends, he/she sometimes prepares dishes ahead of time that family members can conveniently heat and serve themselves.

We train all our staff in table manners, basic guest hospitality before we appoint them in our Customer’s place.