About Us


Research indicates that convalescing patients and 90% of seniors prefer recovering in their home environment, or staying in their own homes as they age. Life care Nursing Services has been conceived as a service that helps people do exactly this – live comfortably in their own homes and get world-class treatment or care, while being surrounded by their loved ones.

We are able to do this by diligently bringing together the right professionals, well thought-out care regimes of outstanding clinical quality, backed by latest technology and seamlessly integrated care delivery. Life care Nursing Services is managed by a proven team of healthcare professionals and experts, who have impeccable credentials, global experience and the right attitude towards this service of home healthcare.

Brand philosophy

Life care Nursing Services’s philosophy “Live Well Always” is an expression which powers our intent and effort to help people heal in comfort and surrounded by their loved ones. When a person is sick, both the patient and the caregiver go through a difficult phase, which creates unusual demands on one’s time, energy, emotions.

During such times, Life care Nursing Services aspires to be a reminder of the positive aspect of healing. Be it recovery to perfect health, making life beautiful in old age, easing the pain of a chronic illness or making every moment of the patient’s last days count, Life care Nursing Services is a trusted partner helping people and their caregivers live well always by providing highest quality of life and dignity in death for our clients.


R. Balaji , Geriatric Health care (CGHC)

Dialysis Technologist & Medical Sociology,

(Admin & CEO)

K.M. Jagadeeshwari, B.Sc Nursing,

(Nursing Admin & Patient Relationship Officer)

T. Michael George, B.A DOM,

( Medical Tourism - PRO )